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Wise Mind Coaching offers both groups and individual coaching specifically designed to give personal attention while offering the flexibility of services that are accessible from any geographical location.

Mindfulness 101: Ancient wisdom           

for modern times

 1-Hour FREE telecourse                                                                                          Customized Scheduling


Wise Mind Coaching presents a free one-hour tele-workshop, teaching simple & effective principles of basic mindfulness practice.These powerful tools offer practical methods to help you:

  • Experience increased peace of mind
  • Feel more confident about decisions
  • Make more progress toward important goals

FEE: This tele-workshop is FREE. You pay only for your long distance charges.
REGISTRATION:  Click Here to register for Mindfulness 101.


Foundations in Wise Mind Living
12 week telecourse, 75-minutes weekly, (all course materials provided)
TOPICS:                                                                                           Customized Scheduling
• Introduction to Mindfulness                                                                                             
• Emotion Regulation
• Distress Tolerance
• Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Self Management/Problem Solving

Wise Mind Coach, Alice Rose, LCSW, presents multi-layered, fun and thought-provoking material in a weekly, easy-to-access telephone seminar. Balancing the benefits of adherence to a solid curriculum with well-managed use of the class members’ collective knowledge, the course provides powerful skills to make life better and the opportunity to practice applying those skills to your situation right now.

FEE: $600.00 (course materials included)
REGISTRATION: Click Here to register for Foundations in Wise Mind Living.

*I am so confident in the Wise Mind Foundations course material that I offer a money back guarantee: if you take the entire course, participate in good faith, and do not experience a benefit, I will refund your money.

"Have It Your Way" - Customized Scheduling

Can't find a scheduled time that works?  Wise Mind Coaching now offers custom scheduling - because we understand that life sometimes requires a little tailoring! Let us know what dates and times work best for you and if we (or you) can gather a minimum of five participants, we will work to accommodate your request.   E-mail info@wisemindcoaching.com to get started!


Individual Coaching Services
Alice Rose offers one-on-one coaching by phone. The arrangement can be on a monthly retainer, which provides for a substantial discount, or as needed based on a pro-rated hourly fee.
1 Hour —150.00
1/2 Hour —75.00
Monthly retainer —4 hours $400.00
E-mail info@wisemindcoaching.com to inquire about coaching services.


Mindfulness for Groups
Interested in bringing a Mindfulness program to your practice, business, small group? Customizable groups in mindful self-management are available, e-mail info@wisemindcoaching.com to inquire.


Orientation to Wise Mind Coaching Fees Policy
According to Personal Finance for Dummies there are only two guaranteed low risk/high yield investments: your health and your relationships. Investing in yourself can be empowering. If you can afford it, pay the full fees for these services and enjoy the value. However, if finances are an obstacle, and you are highly motivated to do this work, please contact me to discuss payment options.

Phone: 503-789-9927
Email: Alice@wisemindcoaching.com




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In just one phone session I was able to really look at my behavior and make some simple adjustments that improved my life.
Take advantage of a unique opportunity to look at your thinking and emotions and all the work can be done from home.

—Brad Creel, Business Owner, Musician, Portland Oregon

I have stopped waking up with panic attacks.

—Sally, Group participant

I have gotten more done in the last six weeks than in the previous year.

— Group participant