About Alice

Alice P. Rose LCSW, founder of Wise Mind Coaching

Alice has been developing and refining the material presented by Wise Mind Coaching since…birth (1954), and she’s pretty good at it by now. Her former coworker, Scott Spradlin, author of Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life cites her as his professional mentor in skills training and a “true expert”.

She brings Norman Rockwell style Midwestern roots finely tempered by a broad and diverse set of personal and professional intercultural experiences. These, balanced with sufficient rigorous clinical training, inform her style with depth, reliability, and authentic optimism. With the precision of a scientist, the compassion of a therapist and the commitment to your success of a life coach, she can help you move forward with clarity and enthusiasm.

Alice received her Bachelors degree in English from the University of California, Berkley. She completed her Masters Degree in Social Work in 1992 at Portland State University and is an Oregon Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Certification in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

As a lifelong learner, her informal education includes work as a waitress, housecleaner, and child care staffer. Some of her favorite “elective coursework” has been hitchhiking throughout Europe, riding her bicycle coast to coast across the US, walking marathons and attending ten-day silent retreats. Her current teachers include goats, dogs, cats, chickens and the local farmers in the rural community where she lives on 10 acres with her spouse. She has recently taken up the study of horses and two highly skilled Quarter Horses are patiently trying to teach her their language.